Writing Update

Here’s a bit of an update on my writing as a student during the Winter Quarter HumCore course!

writing girl.gif

Somewhat recently, the first essay for this quarter was assigned. The prompt required that I analyze an image as well as utilize a scholarly source, whether for context or some other connection to my choice image. Although it was not the first time I researched and implemented scholarly research into my essays — I had to use several research articles in a high school research paper about the Peter Pan Syndrome — I still had a hard time finding an article that was tailored to my liking. I wanted to find an article that would talk about sentimental domesticity of the 1860’s so that I could link it to the tragedy of so many soldiers dying in the Civil War away from the beloved home. Nor could I find an article on the general soldier during the Civil War because all of the articles would focus on Black soldiers. It took me about two hours to find an article on soldier suicide, which I thought was relatable to my image of dead soldiers. Suicide was another distressing price the war took on those who participated.

However, it was harder than I thought to incorporate this article with my essay draft than I expected. One of my personal first steps for writing an essay is forming a thesis; for me, creating a thesis means I must roughly connect my ideas and plan out the entire essay in my head. Once I have that down, I can carry on with the writing and possibly revise the thesis later for minor changes in the essay. It was relatively easy to create context about stereography and analyze my image, but I started to struggle with analyzing my article and associating it with deeper meaning to my image. In this area I think I need to do the most revising for my final draft.

A little more on my difficulties to find a scholarly article: there was an extra-credit opportunity given by my seminar leader to go to a library workshop that would help students find research articles. Excited by the extra-credit and extra help, I signed up to go. Unfortunately, I am prone to getting lost… even on my own school campus. I left my dorm room to go find the workshop location early (supposing I would be confused), and yet still couldn’t find the workshop. I gave up about ten minutes after the workshop had started, and therefore did not receive any extra-credit or help 😦 better luck next time, I guess!



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